Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is popular all over the world. Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States have many greyhound racing tracks. Greyhound racing is also popular in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Macau (China), Mexico, South Africa, Pakistan and Vietnam.


Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium

Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium has an excellent running surface and superb facilities which make this stadium the premiere independent greyhound stadium in North East England.

Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium is a family owned independent greyhound stadium. The McKenna family has owned the stadium since January 1965. It is now managed by Jeff McKenna.

Stadium Data

  • Distance Raced: 260, 435, 605, 780 and 955 meters
  • Hare Type: Outside McGee
  • Surface: all sand surface

Stadium Records

  • 260m: James C. - 15.55 sec (06/19/03)
  • 435m: Bellpac Perry - 25.69 sec. (04/17/04)
  • 605m: Granary Zest - 37.04 sec. (10/11/04)
  • 780m: Granary Blossom - 48.43 sec. (01/29/05)

Getting to Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium

Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium is located at Drum Road, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham, England.

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