Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is popular all over the world. Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States have many greyhound racing tracks. Greyhound racing is also popular in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Macau (China), Mexico, South Africa, Pakistan and Vietnam.


Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium

Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium, also known as Central Park Stadium, was built in 1995 at a cost of 6 million. The stadium occupies a 24 acre site in the Eurolink business development at Kent, England.

Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium's running track has sweeping bends. Its well-maintained sand surface provides a safe course for the greyhounds.

Stadium Capacity: 4,750 spectators

Stadium Data

  • Circumference: 443 meters
  • Distances Raced: 265, 473, 642, 708 and 916 meters

Stadium Records

  • 265m Fast Ranger 16.20sec 24 November 1999
  • 473m Droopys Vieri 28.53sec 26 March 2000
  • 473mH Ballmac Keano 29.41sec 1 July 2001
  • 642m Lobo 39.96sec 7 October 1999
  • 708m Sumi Girl 44.32sec 27 November 1998
  • 916m Ericas Equity 58.09sec 17 August 2003

Major Greyhound Racing Events

  • Kent Derby

Getting to Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium

Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium is located at Church Road, Eurolink, Sittingbourne in Kent, England.

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