Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is popular all over the world. Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States have many greyhound racing tracks. Greyhound racing is also popular in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Macau (China), Mexico, South Africa, Pakistan and Vietnam.


Sunderland Greyhound Stadium

Sunderland Greyhound Stadium was named by the British Greyhound Racing Board (BRGB) as the Racecourse of the Year in 2001. The BRGB is England's greyhound racing governing body.

Stadium Capacity: 1,500 spectators

Stadium Data

  • Circumference: 378 meters
  • Distance Raced: 261, 450, 640 and 828 meters
  • Run to First Bend: 93m (for 450m races), 84m (for 640m races)

Stadium Records

  • 261m: Gold Buster - 15.60 sec. (02/10/96)
  • 450m: Harsu Super - 27.00 sec. (10/25/00)
  • 640m: Autumn Tiger - 38.97 sec. (10/22/95)
  • 828m: Doras Miller - 52.45 sec. (02/13/02)

Major Greyhound Racing Events

  • William Hill Puppy Derby
  • William Hill Gold Cup

Getting to Sunderland Greyhound Stadium

Sunderland Greyhound Stadium is located at Newcastle Road, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England.

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